New beginnings are often difficult because of the fear of the unknown. They force you to get out of your comfort zone and explore the unknown. Sometimes change might be your own doing or as a result of unforeseen circumstances. Embracing change is your key to success, happiness and joy.

This post is a special edition. A friend approached me recently and requested me to write an article about dreadlocks. She just started her loc journey and needed some advice. I have never had dreadlocks but a few friends to whom I am very grateful, came on board to help me out by answering some FAQS about dreadlocks and shared their loc experience. It is via a Q & A. I hope that their advice will help many out there that might be struggling/ starting their loc journey.

  • LOC IT- Daudi’s story (10/29/2018) - My dreadlock looks like it is going to snap. How do I fix it? During your salon visit, ask them to fold the dread onto itself and crotchet together. When and how do I crotchet my dreadlocks? Ideally, I should crotchet my hair every 3 months but I tend to like a lot of growth… Continue reading LOC IT- Daudi’s story
  • LOC IT- Adrienne’s story (10/29/2018) - What technique did you use to achieve your dreadlocks? I used the crotchet method because I can actually take them out in the future in case I want something new and recover my natural hair, which is fantastic. How often do you re-touched? I usually get them re-touched every month, but I will probably adjust… Continue reading LOC IT- Adrienne’s story
  • LOC IT- DJ Roz’s story (10/29/2018) - How do you tighten your dreads/roots? This is perhaps the only maintenance I do with my hair.  I used to do it myself but it would take over 10-12 hours but now I have someone else do it and only takes 2 hours. They use gel and twist the ends clockwise till it tightens up,… Continue reading LOC IT- DJ Roz’s story
  • LOC IT: Wamuyu’s story (10/29/2018) - What is a good maintenance routine? It might vary from person to person, my routine includes re-twists every month, hot oil treatments once a month. When I am doing my re-twists, I only use oil and water. In the beginning of my journey, I would use wax but I have switched to oils and water… Continue reading LOC IT: Wamuyu’s story