Hair Journey Stories

“This series incorporates stories as told by fellow natural hair sisters; the struggles they have had in their journey, how they overcame them and finally, practices they now follow that have eased their journey”.

  • Inspiring Afro Hairstyles for your natural hair (2/7/2019) - How I learnt how to style, and what my experience has been like? I think styling is very texture dependent. The first time I went natural I had very healthy hair. I would do very easy washes, mostly because I didn’t know a lot about managing natural hair.
  • All you need for a smooth transition to a natural hair journey. (1/22/2019) - A quote by Coco Chanel declares that “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”. I had poured through thousands of pictures of women owning their natural hair and was haunted by old images of my mother and great-aunt sporting their full, voluminous hair. I remember clearly the day I looked… Continue reading All you need for a smooth transition to a natural hair journey.
  • How I have grown my 4c natural hair! (11/30/2018) - The journey started when I was in primary school (middle school). My mum would relax my hair each term. However, the relaxer would only work for two-three weeks. I had very thick 4c hair with a lot of volume.
  • Say no to 4c self hate (11/19/2018) - After my last post I thought critically about the readers on my blog and my role as an influencer. Due to the very diverse nature of my readers. I felt the need to address a few concerns of mine. The misconception of “one size fits all” is tragic. It was after this realisation that I… Continue reading Say no to 4c self hate
  • Goodbye to the sizzle (10/14/2018) - My hair journey started right before I joined High School. The primary school I attended didn’t allow us to grow our hair, so I started growing it during the vacation in preparation for high school. In my first year of High School, besides praying for my hair to grow so that I could hold a… Continue reading Goodbye to the sizzle
  • Introducing ‘Afro Mona’ (10/8/2018) -   Lets go back to 2012, freshman year. A friend of mine nicknamed me ‘Mona’ whom he describes as my alter ego. Coincidentally, at that time, I was also thinking of creating a Twitter account and  what handle I could use. I had so many options. Long story short, I came up with ‘Afro Mona’,… Continue reading Introducing ‘Afro Mona’
  • Embracing my curls (10/3/2018) - I have always wanted to start a natural hair blog but I was always walking around with a bag of excuses. A couple of friends suggested YouTube, to which I always tactfully changed the topic, quickly steering away because I wouldn’t know what to do with myself behind a camera, let alone people watching me.… Continue reading Embracing my curls