How to Prepare and Use Rice Water for Hair Growth!

Last week, I put up an IGTV that gives the details of how rice water acts as a growth and strengthening aid to our hair. I recommend using organic rice. This post expands on how rice water can be used and prepared effectively for maximum results.

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How I turned my passion for hair into an income stream!

When you think about working from home, what comes to mind? People have various misconceptions of what it entails such as; people who work from home are out of touch, lonely, just freelancers etc. For those that have never worked from home, the idea of working from home seems like a dream because you get to wear what you want, wake up whenever, not having to deal with irritating co-workers and so much more. These perks being genuine, as mentioned above majority of the stereotypes are false.

I have worked from home part time for almost 3 months now, shortly after quitting my previous job, which I spoke about in detail in the previous post. My work from home experience has been very enlightening. Hair care and education is something I am very passionate about. I love to care for my hair, but I also enjoy helping people with their hair journey, which is one of the reasons I have this platform.

As anyone else would be, I was very skeptical when I started my role as a Market Partner for an anti-aging hair care company. I had no marketing background whatsoever. I basically dived head-first and decided I would land on my feet later. However, it has been one of the best decisions and investments I have made this year!


I had never considered myself a salesperson since my background/profession is very technical, Civil Engineering to be exact. But when I love/believe in something and am passionate about it, you will know. The first time I used my company’s products, I kid you not, I knew I would be telling people about them and so will anyone else that tries them. And that has indeed been the case this far.

As a Market Partner, I market and promote for my company by sharing my own experience using the products. I wouldn’t say I sell stuff, I consider myself offering people healthy hair solutions, excitement and hope! I work with people who love to do the same and we absolutely love doing what we do. I know I have already impacted so many people’s lives through my passion for hair and my love for using vegan cruelty free products, myself included, surpassing any salary I have obtained in any part-time job I have had in the past.

The products sell themselves! Before promoting a product, you need to believe in what the product does, and what the company stands for. Do your research too before hand. This is key to having a successful business, being well informed. I chose this company because it is a family owned debt-free company. The company is backed by a successful multi-national, multi million-dollar sister company which has been in direct sales for about 16 years now. We are transparent about the ingredients we use and those we don’t use. The best part is that this company has one of the most lucrative compensations plans I have ever encountered, including incentive trips!

This month we are going to VEGAS! We also have a 3-tier car program which I am working towards. I will keep you updated on how that is going. We also have a profit-sharing program where we earn every quarter on our company’s sales. So, shares in this company are a no laughing matter. It’s a BIG deal! It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the company already or not. There is equal opportunity for anyone joining before September to join the Founder’s Pool. If you qualify for it this month, you can earn 2 shares! I have only been in the company 2 months and have already been promoted to Managing Partner. This just goes to show how possible it is to succeed at this!

Get yourself a fully paid for Cadillac!

This company is taking the hair industry by storm with NO competition whatsoever! We are still in the momentum phase, with no doubt, the best time to join. We are now almost a billion-dollar company and #1 hair care company. If you love hair and enjoy helping people, this is definitely for you. We have hair stylists, teachers, engineers, stay at home mums just to name a few!

If you use your phone for Instagram/ social media, you might as well use it to earn you an income. Using social media marketing makes our jobs easier. I market through my Instagram of my own experience and that of my customers and by word of mouth or giving out samples. I love connecting with people everyday to tell them about my amazing shampoo, which I can literally detangle my hair with! OMG!

I have a very supportive team of girls and mentors that I work with everyday. I love these girls so much. To think we were strangers 2 months ago, to them being a strong support system for my business and my personal growth and success is spectacular.

My advice to anyone who would like to be a Market Partner and would like to build their business, is to be open-minded and coachable! We have excellent training, just follow the process and you will have success!!!! It is a very easy process to follow. Also, do not procrastinate. Join our team! We will help you achieve your goals with this amazing company!

Join before September to qualify to earn 2 shares in the company!

Those eligible are people within USA, UK and Canada at the moment. We are slowly expanding to other countries and I will keep you updated as we expand. Let’s chat here if you would like more information about what I do or the company. Send me a DM and I will be right with you to answer any questions you have. I will be happy to give you all the tea…. If you are ready/excited, let’s go! I am dedicated for the remainder of the year to help anyone who is interested and sees the vision. I’m ready to help you achieve your goals.

Thanks for stopping by!

*Remember, you are marked by flawless craftsmanship*


Hair Journey Stories

Why I Partnered with an Anti-aging Vegan Hair Care Company

Most of you following my journey on Instagram got the news that I recently partnered with an AMAZING vegan anti-aging hair care company. For those who didn’t get the memo, here it is :).


This was definitely an answered prayer. I wake up everyday absolutely grateful for a random stranger reaching out to me in my DM. Her name is N’kia. She has now become an awesome friend, mentor and business partner. I have only been in the company for a total of one month and 2 weeks now, and it has truly been a life changing experience for me financially and mentally just by having a huge support system of girls working this business with me.


When she reached out the first time, I was thinking,” oh boy! here we go again”, someone trying to sell me something again through my Instagram. It so happened that she reached out at the time I was so frustrated with my previous job (A face-to-face marketing job). I was in over-my-head frustrated with my pay, walking up and down knocking on peoples’ doors for 5 hours everyday. When she told me all I needed was WIFI and my phone. I was all in. But first, I wanted to hear more. I needed all the details because at the time I was thinking to myself, it all sounded too good to be true! This must be the world’s best kept secret! How hadn’t I heard of this before? I went ahead and did my research.


Although I am currently on break for the summer, I am also a Full-Time Civil Engineering masters student. I wanted something that would allow me to work part-time, and allow me the flexibility to make my own schedule. #workwheneverIwant. I also wanted something I can call my own. Since I started my blog in September last year (2018), I had been looking for ways to monetize my blog. I had tried a couple of things but failed miserably. So, I was feeling generally discouraged.

I still live with my parents so I was at a point in my life I didn’t want to keep asking them for money all the time for my luxuries. I also had to ask myself important questions like; If something happened to me and I couldn’t be able to work for a couple of months to a year in the future, would I have something that I can rely on in the comfort of my home that allows me to afford the things I want outside my basic needs. I also asked myself, “what would an extra income do for me?”


I am extremely passionate about hair and I was slowly moving to making my own hair products with natural ingredients and encouraging everyone around me to use clean ingredients on their hair and body. When I learnt that the products brought together both nature and science to create the first and only anti-aging naturally-based, clinically tested hair care line in the world, that started off treating cancer patients, to help them grow their hair back faster and were very successful, this sparked something that really made me want to see the bigger picture. I also learnt that the products are able to penetrate all 3 layers of the hair, healing it from the inside out, reversing one’s hair and scalp to its healthiest state. So I went on the search to look for people’s testimonials, asking my self, is it real! Sounds TOO GOOD to be true. So I did my research and I was happy that what had been said was true. I saw what it had done for others and I wanted that for myself, friends, family, my blog and Instagram family. Everyone gets a customized hair treatment system that fits all of their wants and needs, for their hair type/scalp with a 30 day back money guarantee! The products have been tested by world congress hair research (top in hair industry), and have proven that our products are safe.


These products and the company have changed people’s lives in more ways than one. Both financially and hair care wise. People struggling with thinning hair and edges, dry hair, those that would like thicker, longer hair fast. people whose beards won’t grow. The list is endless.

Once I joined, I hit the ground running. I knew WHY I had joined and I told myself that my success entirely depends on me. I was reading Napoleon Hill’s, “Outwitting the Devil” and what stood out for me was “Most real failures are due to limitations which men set up in their own minds.” I am very open-minded, so that led me to wanting to be educated on the company and what they stand for, even though I was initially skeptical. Had I not done that, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I wake up everyday super excited to work because I love what I do.

I have an amazing team of girls always by my side. A business is as successful as the priority you give to it. It is important to set goals and always remember your WHY because that is what keeps you going when the going gets tough. The best part about this company is that you’re in business for YOURSELF but NEVER by yourself. The girls are extremely supportive and you never feel alone. My team of girls are AMAZING, these are just a few of them and a few more at the end of this post.

I will end by reminding my lovely readers that to be successful, you need to work for it. You need to be determined, consistent and hardworking. Nothing comes on a silver platter. The rewards of this past month were something I didn’t expect at all because it all seemed to good to be true in the beginning but I have worked diligently. There are girls in the company who have  turned this into a full-time job because that is how rewarding it is.

For anyone who would like to know more about the details of what I do, or how to do this business with me. Please message me through my Instagram. I will be happy to tell you more about it. I am looking for girls within UK, USA and Canada who are looking for financial freedom and want to be their own BOSS while helping others with their hair concerns. You need to be passionate and determined. It is a chance to work hard on work worth doing. This is my story.

Stay tuned for my Experience so far using the products on the NEXT post

Below are some of my team mates and mentors sharing what they are grateful for since joining the company;



Brittni Emmanuel

I am grateful because I am able to have financial freedom and able to work this biz around being a full time student!!!! It’s amazing. My goal was to be financially independent. I needed a job that paid well but was also flexible enough to allow me to be a full time student. This has allowed me to afford the things I  want & work anytime and anywhere!




N’kia Kiser

Definitely grateful for being a part of this girl boss community. I get to work just from my phone and stay away from dreadful shifts. This opportunity allows me to build towards financial freedom. It’s so wonderful, and I get to help others with their hair along the way!




Roselyne Onuoha

I am grateful because of the amount of freedom this company has given me. It has enabled me to pay for things I wouldn’t have gotten to enjoy, and I love how I can help people with their hair concerns while seeing  my own hair transform is amazing is really amazing. Honestly, seeing myself transform into a better me is amazing!





Lauren Breaux

I am grateful I don’t have a boss to answer to everyday and that I can live life on my terms. Spend time with my family when I want to & not have to live on someone else’s schedules.


Wide Leg Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit

I wore this to a wedding ceremony and people couldn’t stop telling me how beautiful my outfit was. It was an honor to wear one of your designs love.:)


This jumpsuit was inspired by the first off-shoulder jumpsuit I made and I’m so glad it fit my lovely friend. Contact us to get either jumpsuit design and checkout my lovely friend’s Natural Hair Blog, Exquisite Nviri.

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Experience with Colouring My Natural Hair: Part 2


Meet Marlie Keishamaza!

Marlie is a professional emcee who loves to talk. A motivational speaker who has a passion for young people. She also runs an online fashion store called Fab Fash and runs an events company as well.
She is into social media management and content creation for social media.
Talk about a woman of many talents 😊

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Hair Journey Stories

My Experience with Colouring my Natural Hair: Part 1


Meet Marlie Keishamaza!

Marlie is a professional emcee who loves to talk. A motivational speaker who has a passion for young people. She also runs an online fashion store called Fab Fash and runs an events company as well.
She is into social media management and content creation for social media.
Talk about a woman of many talents 😊

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How to Care For Your Wig to Make It Last Longer and Some FAQs Answered!


Meet Sharon!

Sharon is a Blogger and Content creator for All things Beauty and Wellness. She loves to inspire people through her passion for Wellness and Beauty. Her work is a simple way for her to keep proper a perspective of the little knowledge that life has offered her and share it with the rest of the world. You can also find more content on her Instagram


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Hair Care for Dandruff and Length Retention


Hey there! This is Candice Mulinda, she will be sharing some hair care tips she has learned over the years. Candice lives in Virginia and will be attending Yale University in the fall to study either Political Science or Global Studies.

She is super passionate about the community of people with albinism (PWAs) especially those who live in Africa.

She hopes that her journey can help someone, and feel free to reach out to her anytime! Instagram: @candicemul

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Wearing Natural Hair at the work place; A dialogue with Media personality|Host|MC|Voice Over Artist| Model|Actress.

Meet our guest

20190526_143728My name is MALAIKA.
Yes, I use only one name.
I am a Kenyan born Ugandan.
Radio and TV presenter,  MC and Events Host, Actress, Model, and Motivational Speaker.
I call myself #GodsFavourite because I actually believe it. I love God so much and put him first.
I believe that self love physically, emotionally and spiritually is the beginning of greatness.
My favourite quote is one I coined when i was 10 years old, “I was born to be GREAT it’s not an Aspiration, it’s my DESTINY. “

How did your natural hair journey start?

I have always had natural hair my entire life. I tried chemicals once while in University, my hair did not thrive because its naturally thin and soft. My grand-mother was mixed race so I inherited her hair, so it looked really bad with chemicals, then I had to cut it all off again and restarted the journey. I have always had my natural hair. It is very easy for me to maintain.


Have you always embraced your natural hair? (If not, what sparked this!)

Yes! Definitely! I have been blessed to have good (insert shy laughter) hair, okay everybody has good hair, that’s the truth, but what I mean is I have texture that is easy to comb and maintain. I do wish it was a bit more coarse sometimes for styling but, I am not complaining. I have always embraced my Natural Hair my entire life, love it, love, love my hair.


Have you encountered conflict between the way you wear your natural hair and your profession?

Ummm…., No! What I do for a living, thank God, is that, the more unique you are and out there, the better for you. I guess that’s a great part of being in the creative industry. I do remember a TV show I used to host and was meant to, “tame it a bit” and not just leave it out “wild” just for the guests I would host at the time. But for radio, TV no problem.

For acting, I have had many directors tell me that they want me to have my Natural Hair on set. With emceeing, obviously it’s easier to have the weaves and extensions, no one has had a problem with me having my Natural Hair.


What have the expectations been of how you should present your hair and what challenges have you faced?

This is more of a personal situation, because for a very long time I held my hair back for school and I got really used to that. I felt that if I left it out, it would shrink and I would look unkempt, and that I wouldn’t look pretty. So, I always thought it better to hold a ponytail and keep it organized, but that was personal.

In terms of expectations of other people, hmmm, thank God I have been in Africa. No, none at all.


Has any profession among others affected the health of your hair,if yes, in what way?

Yes….. Modelling. A lot of heat was used on my hair and that was not good because of the different shows or photo shoots, you know, that’s what affected my hair and also having different stylists using different hair chemicals from what I usually use. By then, I was too shy to be strict, now I am. I’m always like, “don’t use this”, “don’t use that, I will do it myself”. But yes, modelling did affect the health of my hair.


Any advise to women with natural hair in the professional world!

This is the day and age of ‘Team Natural’ , so, I would advise any woman that is in a profession to set the standard . It is you to make them accept the hair, if you don’t accept it your Natural Hair, why would you expected the rest of the world to. So, you love your hair first then set your standard, but also take good care of it. I don’t support people just leaving their hair without taking good care of it.. Moisturize, oil , wash and protect it. Just because it is out and natural, doesn’t mean it should be unkempt.


What would you have done differently knowing what you know now?

I would NEVER have put any form of relaxer in my hair the time I did, never ever. Also, I would have used less heat by letting my hair air dry, avoided hot combs/flat irons and driers all the time. Yeah, that is what I would have done differently. And also (insert crying and laughing emoji), I wouldn’t have cut it off.

*Remember, you are marked by flawless craftsmanship*


Eye-opening tips on how to stop crown section breakage, and thinning in 4 weeks

Are you experiencing horrible thinning and soreness at the top middle section of your scalp? Is the hair around this area shorter and keep breaking? You must be frustrated at the thought of uneven hair and perhaps considered cutting your hair to match this awkward length on your crown. You might even be unaware of how sensitive your scalp is until you have seen some cause to worry symptoms. Do not worry! You’re at the right place.

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